Enhancing Maternal and Infant Well-being: GESSI Development and Humanitarian Initiative's Impactful Measures during Harmattan


In the pursuit of fostering community development and addressing the unique challenges faced by vulnerable populations, the GESSI Development and Humanitarian Initiative embarked on a crucial mission in the heart of Adagom 1 settlement. On the first Thursday of February 2024, the initiative's dedicated focus group team convened with a group of nursing mothers, comprising 12 individuals aged between 16 and 45, along with their 13 precious infants aged zero to one year.

Purpose of the Meeting:

The primary focus of this meeting was to conduct a comprehensive review of the measures implemented by the initiative to mitigate the impact of the harmattan season on the health and well-being of both nursing mothers and their infants. The harmattan, a dry and dusty West African trade wind, can pose significant health challenges, especially for vulnerable groups.

Profile of the Participants:

The participants, all nursing mothers, belonged to the age group of 16 to 45, reflecting the diversity of the community. The total number of mothers was 12, each with their precious infants, totaling 13 babies aged between zero and one year.

Measures Implemented:

  1. **Health Education Programs:**

   GESSI has been proactive in organizing health education programs to empower nursing mothers with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the challenges posed by the harmattan. Topics covered include proper infant care during dry seasons, recognizing and addressing respiratory issues, and maintaining personal well-being.

  1. **Provision of Essential Supplies:**

   The initiative, recognizing the financial constraints of the community, has provided essential supplies to the nursing mothers. These include blankets, moisturizers, and protective clothing to shield both mothers and infants from the harsh weather conditions.

  1. **Medical Check-ups and Vaccination Clinics:**

   GESSI has collaborated with healthcare professionals to conduct regular medical check-ups and vaccination clinics for the infants. This ensures that the babies are in optimal health and are protected against common harmattan-related illnesses.

  1. **Community Engagement and Support Groups:**

   Establishing a sense of community is crucial during challenging times. GESSI has facilitated the formation of support groups among the nursing mothers, allowing them to share experiences, provide emotional support, and collectively find solutions to the issues they face.

  1. **Weather-Resilient Infrastructure:**

   The initiative has also invested in weather-resilient infrastructure within the community, including the provision of shelters and safe spaces for nursing mothers to protect themselves and their infants from the adverse effects of the harmattan.

Outcomes and Impact:

Through the diligent efforts of GESSI and the collaborative engagement of the community, notable outcomes have been achieved. The nursing mothers reported increased confidence in caring for their infants during the harmattan, reduced instances of respiratory issues, and a strengthened sense of community support.


The GESSI Development and Humanitarian Initiative's focus group meeting with nursing mothers in Adagom 1 settlement serves as a testament to the organization's commitment to holistic community development. By addressing the specific needs of vulnerable populations during challenging seasons, GESSI is making a tangible impact on the lives of nursing mothers and their infants, ensuring a healthier and more resilient community for the future.