Our Policies Page

Welcome to the GESSI Development and Humanitarian Initiative Policies Page. As a humanitarian organization, we hold ourselves to high standards of conduct, transparency and accountability. This page outlines the key policies that govern our operations, programs, and partnerships.

Our policies are designed to uphold our core values of integrity, empathy, excellence, and stewardship in all that we do. We believe that clear guidelines and principles are essential for building trust with the communities we serve and the donors who support our mission.

On this page you will find policies related to:

- Safeguarding & Protection - Our commitment to protecting vulnerable people, especially children and at-risk women. Includes child safeguarding, anti-harassment, whistleblower and other relevant policies.

- Ethics & Compliance - Overarching code of conduct, conflicts of interest, anti-fraud, and other ethics and compliance policies.

- Finance & Operations - Expense reimbursement, procurement, accounting, records retention and other operational policies and procedures.

- Programs - Program development, monitoring & evaluation, partnerships, local capacity building and other program-related policies.

- Communications & Privacy - Public communications guidelines, brand usage, photography/media consent, privacy/data protection and related communication and transparency policies.

We strive to continually assess and improvement our policies and procedures. We welcome feedback from our partners, beneficiaries and the broader communities we serve on ways we can strengthen our accountability. Please reach out through the contact page with any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding our organizational policies and their implementation.

Our Safeguarding Policy

Here is a summary of the key points from Our Safeguarding Policy

- GSI is a non-profit organization providing services to refugees and host communities in Nigeria.
- The policy outlines procedures to safeguard vulnerable individuals, particularly children, from harm and abuse.

Key Definitions
- Child: anyone under 18 years old.
- Child protection: preventing violence, exploitation and abuse against children.
- Safeguarding: protecting people from harm or abuse.

- GSI endeavors to protect children and vulnerable adults in its programs.
- GSI recognizes its duty to establish safeguarding measures.
- The policy applies to all GSI staff, volunteers and partners.

Implementation Strategies
- Background checks for staff and volunteers.
- Staff code of conduct with expected behaviors.
- Incorporate safeguarding into program design.
- Training on protection issues.
- Set ground rules for activities involving vulnerable people.

Reporting Procedures
- Report incidents to designated safeguarding officer.
- Investigate and escalate concerns as needed.

- Publicly share commitment to safeguarding.

Monitoring and Review
- Annual review of procedures to improve safeguards.

In summary, the policy establishes definitions, commitments, strategies and accountability procedures regarding GSI's safeguarding responsibilities towards vulnerable populations in its programs.